Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thing 7a

Revisiting the Reader

What's in your shampoo?

This one is EASY because there is SOOO much interesting news in Biology!

Common fragrance ingredients in shampoos and conditioners are frequent causes of eczema

This is an article discussing how there is an unexpected number of people allergic to the chemicals used to fragrance toiletries.

Scientist look EVERYWHERE for answers,solutions and cures...

This article is interesting just because of where the medication propsed was found... but it makes sense because mesquitos inject anti coagulants/ anti immune response proteins... why not harness that power to benefit us?!

Protein from tick saliva studied for potential myasthenia gravis treatment

Why are we Fat?

WOW! Isolating an enzyme that causes us to absorb fat in the intestines... AND BLOCKING IT! SO many thoughts... will people et what ever they want... will this lead to other health problems... could it be a easy stop to obesity?.. and how can I join the study? :)

Gladstone scientists reveal key enzyme in fat absorption


Reward elicits unconscious learning in humans

Thing 14


I have drawn 2 cartoons (obviously WAY BETTER than the trial job I attempted today)that we use as part of our curriculum when teaching photosynthesis and Respiration.

Cartoons are a great way to make learning fun. ALSO cartoons are a great way to get student to convey their understanding TO YOU! I have frequently asked students to design cartoons for homework assignments and extra credit... But this is much better than the traditional pen and paper. And you can choose to keep your creation private... or share with the world!

WARNING! my drawings were just for testing purposes!!! Check out TOONDOO

\pigment trial\

We have a better school made comic of "The adventures of Mr. Pigment" Understanding Photosynthesis... But it would be FABULOUS to digitize him!



This activity was really cool and could become very time consuming... not a bad thing, just it is so fun and creative! Today is my second attempt on this "thing" due to being distracted from completing the project and playing with graphics instead!

I did run into some problems getting the embedding text for some of the sites, but over all it was extremely fun and very user friendly!

ImageChef Word Mosaic -

Using this in the classroom setting... IT IS JUST COOL!
no one wants to look at boring text whether on a PowerPoint or web page. This is EXTREMELY useful for grabbing attention and keeping things interesting!

Thing 12

VERY AWESOME! I have created many slide shows and edited several small videos, but I have never played with using on-line programing and embedding the shows into a web page. How incrediby useful as a teaching tool!

ONE DAY ( when I put the toold learned in this class and organize my own on-line teaching classroom page)

I can use this to embed picturs, diagram or explanations of concepts in Biology.

HOW AWESOME! and better yet EASY

Below is a short slide show of the "many versions of Jill"

Different pictures found on Flicker that people taggeed as "jill" OOPS!

Sheep by david.nikonvscanon
Ghost Project by exoskeletoncabaret
Bird by CoreForce
Map Drawing by jonny goldstein
Slayer Cartoon by jylcat
Christmas photo is ME by ME!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thing 11

Most of my family uses Flicker to stoore and share photo's and have been for a few years now. I get e-mail updated from familymemers notifiying me that there are new family pictures posted and inviting me to come see them.

It has actually been a tremendous tool used for our own family sharing.

Just for fun, I searched "Jill" photo's to see what other works share my name.

by jylcat

It was very interesting to see the "Jill" pictures.

i also views biology and again was supprised as to what people would consider "Biology"

by the mad LOLscientist

As far as educational use... I could see how this could be used just as friendly as google images... yet maybe even a little more personal.

Thing 10

Copyrighting has become interesting with the current availability of information. Very different from the pen and parchment world. I do not know that I have paid enough attention to notice a "CC" on a web page before.. but I will now be looking for it.

It's one thing to view other individuals work... and another to modify their original work. Yet it is even another to modify and pass it off as your own or just share the modification with many others.

It can all be very confusing, but with creative commons spelling out the allowable intent of any project, picture or paper, it makes it clearer as to how far you can go to use something in the masses or as yours.

But again... the Internet has desperately changed the face of copyright and copy protected!

Monday, March 2, 2009



None of the objectives of thing nine were that difficult... it was just the different places for instructions and making sure that all of the necessary parts were included. (I still don't know if I did it right...(but I have audio, video and a talking cat!)

Check out the BIOLOGY BOOGIE!

I enjoied exploring and playing... but I feel like I had to juggle between 3 or 4 sets of instructions and it got confusing at times. Actually I believe it was more like 8 or 10 different sections of direction! *Wink*

Lots of potential and I am glad for the experience...

Wikispace is WAY MORE user friendly than Pbwiki! Just FYI

The sandbox is a great place to learn about my collegues in this class. It is fun and creative.. full of interesting personality and BURNING QUESTIONS!