Friday, April 24, 2009



First of all this course has been EXTREMELY Valuable.!!!!!! I am glad that I took it, I am glad that I spent time on every lession, and I WILL be using everything that I learned.

As far as improvement or suggestions:
1. The wiki sandbox page design had WAY too many sets of directions! One set on the 23 things page that said to make a wiki page, one set on the sand box to say what to include on the wiki page, another set of directions on how to operate the tools on the wiki pag... there was probabily more I just don't remember... Somehow it would be noce if that was less spred out.
2. We were wanting to do this as a team in the teachers lounge... but many of the youtube was blocked by our school. Some of the school network restriction made it difficult to work together in the lounge, ultimately we just split up and branched on our own... It would of been nice if there was something included in the original description that mentioned some difficulties of using campus computers... However it wasn't a HUGE deal, we were able to do most of it together (until we split up on our own)
3. 23 things does NOT mean 23 hours! :)

Over all it was fabulous... I will recommed it to all!!! and I am SOOOOO glad I took the course!

Thing 23

The Classroom 2.0 was almost overwhelming but insanely amazing!
There was so much to view click see… all useful collaborative efforts to improve my teaching with technology. What a brilliant idea to network teacher brains! This is just another fabulous resource for improving our thoughts and ideas.

My favorite browsing was the tags… I felt I could find anything I wanted more information on… AND blog style personal responses to the information. This is valuable because as a teacher if I run ito something AWESOME or something trouble shooting… This is a format that you could not only inform of the AWESOME tool, but discuss trouble shooting and ideas. Inother words you don’t just learn about the tool, but also HOW others have been implementing the tools!

Ning networks reminded me of delicious… but instead of useful websites it was useful networks.
Almost overwhelming too… I will be venturing back for another “session” of Ning

I feel like I have gone from Home, to planet, to UNIVERSE.

I once went to a website… then a searched list of websites. Then a site of people with lists of websites… now a site of list of sites of lists of people with lists of sites!!!! WOW!!!

Thing 22

My Space and Face book

Well it was about time! My entire family has facebook pages...Now I do Too! I've been the odd ball. It has just been time consuming on the set up end.

My link doesn't take you to my profile... but a login screen. I don't know how to get around that... if it is even possible! But find me under Jill Hager! same id pic that I use for this blog!

I find it interesting... I know from a trusted source that Both my space and Facebook play a role in the court system. Evidence, pictures and needed personal information has been acquired from these sites and used in court as evidence. Some of the stories crack me up and make me think, "Are people really that stupid?" Well I guess if they are stupid enough to commit a crime they are stupid enough to leave evidence eon facebook!

My family has been sharing photos and fun times on face book for a long time now.. it's about time I Join! I will not however share with my students!

Despite my lack of sharing it is important to understand networking to understand modern students. This is something they do frequently, and we are supposed to be role models. We can't help them with ethical moral Internet decisions if we are not familiar with the applications.

Thing 7b

Are you old?
Science is an ever changeing and interesting world... here is an article about genes associated with aging! Maybe one day we will be young forever!

There are several articles on gene therapy for disease, environmental effects on genes... and just more gene understanding.. The more I read the more it scares me!

Thing 21

I have done some of the "Things" of this class... but didn't post a blog. Because of that I had to go back and refresh my memory about how it impressed me. This one though I use so often that I needed no refreshing.
I was a Yahoo person... and I still Yahoo for the occasional IM, but everything else I have leaned toward Google.

I laughed... Last week when I actually browsed google, I realized my "iGoogle" dilima... Since I started the class my google home page changed to igoogle... I WAS CONFUSED... but after investigated last week I realized that it was a google feature and I was remembered on my lap top :)

Picaso I have used before but very limited... I usually prefer Flicker!

Thing 20

I love google docs. I do not currently use them because I am in a place of getting technologically organized. In the beginning of the school year I did play with the processing.

I appreciate how similar to Word the program is... and that makes it insanely user friendly. I also support the "revision history".

This tool can be used for class colaboration. I can very easily see students editing SHARED work through google docs... and me grading on line. I would be able to tell who contributed what so not just one person does all the work!

I love it I'm SOLD!

Thing 19

WOW! How fun is that! A billion and one ways to you voice threading in the classroom. We have tinkered with photostory... and the traditional powerpoints or normal videos for students to demonstrate understanding of a concept... but the creative potential of voice threding is absolutely amaizing!

I can also see using it as a review to touch on or highlight improtant features of the days lessons! (once I design my classroom web site.... this summer!)