Friday, April 24, 2009

Thing 23

The Classroom 2.0 was almost overwhelming but insanely amazing!
There was so much to view click see… all useful collaborative efforts to improve my teaching with technology. What a brilliant idea to network teacher brains! This is just another fabulous resource for improving our thoughts and ideas.

My favorite browsing was the tags… I felt I could find anything I wanted more information on… AND blog style personal responses to the information. This is valuable because as a teacher if I run ito something AWESOME or something trouble shooting… This is a format that you could not only inform of the AWESOME tool, but discuss trouble shooting and ideas. Inother words you don’t just learn about the tool, but also HOW others have been implementing the tools!

Ning networks reminded me of delicious… but instead of useful websites it was useful networks.
Almost overwhelming too… I will be venturing back for another “session” of Ning

I feel like I have gone from Home, to planet, to UNIVERSE.

I once went to a website… then a searched list of websites. Then a site of people with lists of websites… now a site of list of sites of lists of people with lists of sites!!!! WOW!!!

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