Friday, April 24, 2009

Thing 22

My Space and Face book

Well it was about time! My entire family has facebook pages...Now I do Too! I've been the odd ball. It has just been time consuming on the set up end.

My link doesn't take you to my profile... but a login screen. I don't know how to get around that... if it is even possible! But find me under Jill Hager! same id pic that I use for this blog!

I find it interesting... I know from a trusted source that Both my space and Facebook play a role in the court system. Evidence, pictures and needed personal information has been acquired from these sites and used in court as evidence. Some of the stories crack me up and make me think, "Are people really that stupid?" Well I guess if they are stupid enough to commit a crime they are stupid enough to leave evidence eon facebook!

My family has been sharing photos and fun times on face book for a long time now.. it's about time I Join! I will not however share with my students!

Despite my lack of sharing it is important to understand networking to understand modern students. This is something they do frequently, and we are supposed to be role models. We can't help them with ethical moral Internet decisions if we are not familiar with the applications.

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