Friday, April 3, 2009

Thing 18


The first interesting clip is a pregnant Naked Mole Rat at the Dallas Zoo!

The next clip is how to turn your projector into an interactive white board with a Wii remote: (I will Try THIS!!)

And your right... one can get lost in youtube for HOURS!!!!!

I particularly enjoy the music... not artist that I get from i-tunes... but the people imitating artists or creating their own music. That is how I was introduces to Raffi's "Banana Phone" a song in which my Niece enjoys. (warning the u-tube video has bad words... the song is very kid friendly). Another addicting favorite is "little red monkey" a funny kids song that has a 50's style to it.

I did and have accidentally stumbled across things I didn't want to hear... but that happens when I search with no particular topic in mind.

AND I am afraid that some how I will end up on youtube!!! AAAAH!! we have made 2 science safety videos in class over the last 3 years... I'm sure they are posted somewhere by one of the students!

I like teacher tube because it is censored and FULL of useful clips. Any clip that is inappropriate and be marked as such helping to keep the "garbage' out :)

You can find all sorts of songs that teach, laboratory activities and just silly educational videos:

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