Friday, April 3, 2009

Thing 17


I have been introduced to the benefits of podcasting by my dad who is an avid NPR caster. He uses his i-pod and i-tunes to listen to the greatest and latest.

I subscribed to "Why? The Science Show For Kids" and "60 -second science".

60-sec science is awesome because it is quick interesting information... literally 1 min.

Why? the science show is AWESOME because it is kids asking the questions. Some of it is a level below high school... but a lot of them had obscure interesting facts and simple explanations of complex science.

Using the ideas of the why science cast... I could have students submit their own questions! How neat would it be of one of the students from my class was chosen.

I do not like the podcasts being saved to my desk top... so I will probably change it to my i-tunes... It works great for my dad and will work great for me!

I just need an i-pod adaptor for my car :)

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