Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thing 15

Delicious is actually an extremely resourceful site. Not only is it more heplful than just a google or yahoo browser but more direct and focused in your search. It seems to emliminate much of the garbage sites and gives you what other people find important. When I search "Biology" or Lessons and find sites that hundreds of people have tagged it most likely is worth checking out. Normal browsers just bring up EVERYTHING!

So Delicious is having a people's choice web browser!

For a classroom seting I could use it to organize sites that I want students to visit... Organize sites that I want to visit for lessons, AND have students find sites and tag them with common unique tags to share with class mates or finding resources for a grade. ( a bibliography for a report...hmm)

Extremely useful site

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  1. You're right! It's what others have found to be useful. Isn't that cool?