Friday, April 24, 2009



First of all this course has been EXTREMELY Valuable.!!!!!! I am glad that I took it, I am glad that I spent time on every lession, and I WILL be using everything that I learned.

As far as improvement or suggestions:
1. The wiki sandbox page design had WAY too many sets of directions! One set on the 23 things page that said to make a wiki page, one set on the sand box to say what to include on the wiki page, another set of directions on how to operate the tools on the wiki pag... there was probabily more I just don't remember... Somehow it would be noce if that was less spred out.
2. We were wanting to do this as a team in the teachers lounge... but many of the youtube was blocked by our school. Some of the school network restriction made it difficult to work together in the lounge, ultimately we just split up and branched on our own... It would of been nice if there was something included in the original description that mentioned some difficulties of using campus computers... However it wasn't a HUGE deal, we were able to do most of it together (until we split up on our own)
3. 23 things does NOT mean 23 hours! :)

Over all it was fabulous... I will recommed it to all!!! and I am SOOOOO glad I took the course!


  1. Thanks for the feedback! Congrats on finishing the 23 things!!

  2. Hi, email me at iantemp008 at gmail. Been presumably chatting with you through a different website (CL). If that wasn't you I have been chatting with, then definitely contact me as someone is up to no good.