Saturday, March 28, 2009

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Revisiting the Reader

What's in your shampoo?

This one is EASY because there is SOOO much interesting news in Biology!

Common fragrance ingredients in shampoos and conditioners are frequent causes of eczema

This is an article discussing how there is an unexpected number of people allergic to the chemicals used to fragrance toiletries.

Scientist look EVERYWHERE for answers,solutions and cures...

This article is interesting just because of where the medication propsed was found... but it makes sense because mesquitos inject anti coagulants/ anti immune response proteins... why not harness that power to benefit us?!

Protein from tick saliva studied for potential myasthenia gravis treatment

Why are we Fat?

WOW! Isolating an enzyme that causes us to absorb fat in the intestines... AND BLOCKING IT! SO many thoughts... will people et what ever they want... will this lead to other health problems... could it be a easy stop to obesity?.. and how can I join the study? :)

Gladstone scientists reveal key enzyme in fat absorption


Reward elicits unconscious learning in humans

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  1. Don't you wish you had discovered that enzyme! very interesting!!