Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thing 12

VERY AWESOME! I have created many slide shows and edited several small videos, but I have never played with using on-line programing and embedding the shows into a web page. How incrediby useful as a teaching tool!

ONE DAY ( when I put the toold learned in this class and organize my own on-line teaching classroom page)

I can use this to embed picturs, diagram or explanations of concepts in Biology.

HOW AWESOME! and better yet EASY

Below is a short slide show of the "many versions of Jill"

Different pictures found on Flicker that people taggeed as "jill" OOPS!

Sheep by david.nikonvscanon
Ghost Project by exoskeletoncabaret
Bird by CoreForce
Map Drawing by jonny goldstein
Slayer Cartoon by jylcat
Christmas photo is ME by ME!

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