Monday, February 23, 2009

Thing 8 WIKIS

Similar to blog pages I find that the individual wiki pages carry personality. Some of them are straight forward... get the information across, while others are very fancy and advanced. I found Code-blue and Reich-chemistry to be similar in that they both present lists of information. Not good, not bad, just seemed plain. Both of them were full of useful information and easy to find links... but I felt as though it was done in a hurry to get it completed. Obviously this is probably how my page would turn out being as teachers have SOOOOO much spare time right?

Despite the plainness it is still a phenomenal educational tool. A teacher can list assignments with due dates (that would stop the straggler student at your desk each class period saying, "what did you do last class?"). Any important upcoming events, extra credit opportunities , and links to supplement or complement homework or classroom understanding. In addition to individual classroom applications, you can provide links to school websites, web based assignments or other general important links!

One of the problems I had while viewing different educational wikis was that I visited "Room 15". This site was so absolutely amazing that it made the others visited look plain. I first viewed the top 2 listed and thought they were nice, easy, user friendly with useful information... But then I visited Room 15 and had to repeal my opinion of the first 2.

He uses great design with colorful fun icons. The site is extremely organized and easy to use packed with student and teacher resources. I searched almost all of the recommended sites and this was by far my favorite.

IN ALL FAIRNESS while investigating the author I found that he was the Technology person of his school. But still the site is amazing and I would LOVE to create something that was just a fraction of what he created!

I think he is using a Wii Mii!!?? you can create your own Mii!

One of the sites that I felt would have been better served as a blog rather than a Wiki was the Schools in the Past. This site had a good idea but probably would of been better served as a blog. It was very plain and didn't hold my interest. Every thing ran together and was overwhelming. It is a cute idea... if it was for blogging.

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