Monday, February 9, 2009

Thing 7 Leaving Comments

Very interesting dynamic. It is easy to leave comments to individuals of the class. I know they are in education I know they are Mesquite and there is a level of security. I know that I am in a class with people who want to learn technology and will be understanding with errors, mess-ups and the occasional strange comment. Commenting on sites outside of the safe realm of mesquite was scary at first. After the first 2 I began to think, "dude these people don't know who I am... who cares if they think what I have to say is stupid!" But is is still intimidating. As far as others commenting on my site I find it fun and a little competitive. If someone has something contradictory I feel compelled to reply... same with other blogs I have commented on. I can definitely see how this is an engaging forum for communication!


  1. I agree with you completely. It's hard to leave a comment on the "professional" blogs. I keep wondering if people will think, "who cares."

  2. I guess we can understand how our students feel about responding in class sometimes. Maybe this more anonymous conversation would be great to encourage them to talk.