Monday, February 9, 2009

Thing 6 New Blogs!

Browsing and skimming the WORLD I have found many interesting sites that "tickle my fancy". It is a little overwhelming to keep up with, my scanning skilles will need improving to maintain my sanity. The RSS is amaizing how organized it keeps all of the new information and how readily available it becomes. One of my favorite sites it the Biology News that I mentioned in Thing 5 post. The stories are very interesting from a scientific view. There are many teachers shraing information and keeping up to date. A LOT of great ideas and opinions!


  1. I've been find great stuff through my feeds! The downside is if I've been away a few days, it seems like things pile up! I can seem frustrating because I'm the type that will want to read most of it, but I'm getting better at self-editing. I've used RSS feeds half-heartedly in the past, but I'm beginning to dig it!

  2. Always looking for good Biology feeds. Will add Biology News to mine.