Monday, February 2, 2009

Thing 4 Interesting Blogs

Each of the blogs that I sampled seemed to have a unique style and personality. Some used sophisticated professional language, while others used more conversational dialect. All of them were interesting, yet occasionally I found myself wanting more information and not having a good feel of the issue. An example of one that seemed too short to where I didn't have a feel of the authors commitment to the issue discussed was the blog about the Florida Sturgeon. Granted it was enough to Begin a Biology discussion with students and probably designed to not give too much influence to allow student creativity and comments, but it didn't satisfy my taste.

The No Homework blog was extremely interesting. it shared some of the very same frustration I face in the classroom and provided thorough documentation and support for his points of view. The author has apparently done a Master's thesis using his classroom for the study on the values of homework. The limited results of one teachers classes may not share the validity of a national study... but his evidence is still yet compelling. It's easy to read and believe when positive improvements on student learning and engagement are discussed.

The technology Spy blog was scary. The overall layout was filled with bold print, quotes and many supportive links... but the actual reality of the blog was frightening. This blog informs you of all the negative media implication that can occur in your classroom due to the accessibility of today's technology. Not only does it mention the situations that will scare the %$^# out of you, but it provides the links to show that it was not made up. Definitely an eye opener! Very worth reading!

WOW not to interrupt... but I've learned the value of AUTOSAVE! If something happens and you lose your post go to EDIT POSTS and it should be there waiting for you! EVEN IF YOUR INTERNET SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUSTED!

Back to Blogging

A more serious blog would be like the Educational Blogging Blog... (Say that 5 times). This one was down to earth and thoroughly discusses the abundant uses and benefits of blogging in the classroom. Both student and teacher issues are addressed in a sober convincing manner.

The Plastic Bag blog reminded me of the Florida fish mentioned above. This one was more fun to read and provided more in site and information. It started with a problem and a currently implemented solution and then left the board open for other possible solutions, opinions and discussions. This blog encourages great ideas on how to set up a situation and use blogging for the classroom. This site has a line and bait and you can't help but to bite and leave your 2 cents. Getting students to leave their 2 cents and help them reinforce and solidify concepts discussed in class.

As far as language and learning, blogging from the examples above (and my own) seem to promote a more conversational language rather than literary thesis. I tend to write as I would speak and so do others rather than present the information in a professional literary masterpiece. However where as some are more vocal than others some are still written with literary sophistication despite the norm. Aside from the educational benefits of communication, collaboration, and student voice; blogging would force students to write their thoughts. Writing... any writing... can help to build vocabulary and language skills. Furthermore, to get to a point where they are writing a competent comment... they have to READ first! It may not be the rich literary text of Charles Dickens, but it is still reading! I feel that Blogging would have a better impact on our youth than texting. I grow tired of seeing "IDK" and other abbreviations on homework assignments and quizzes. At least with Blogging the students are more encouraged to write something meaningful and non abbreviated for the world is listening!


  1. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  2. Your thoughts were just like mine on the spy blog. It is scary and we teachers are definitely going to have to pay closer attention to what our students are doing. Kind of makes me wonder what my students are doing when I've got my back to them.