Monday, February 2, 2009

Thing 1 Life Long Learning

Most Challenging Habits:
Being a life long learner is some aspects can be second nature and yet there are characteristics that continue to be a struggle and require more effort on my part. Being goal specific is probably one of the most difficult for me. I frequently find myself either starting a project with a goal in mind, then during the progress of completing my goal I diverge on to many different paths. In the end... I have NOTHING. I didn't finish my original goal, nor were any of the auxiliary paths successful. I seem to take on more than I can chew, get frustrated, then abandon the project. I had never taken the time to analyze my routine until considering characteristics of life long learners... which leads to the second difficult characteristic... Making Time!
It's easy for me to say, "never mind, it wasn't important, or I don't really need to know that" and do something less mentally enriching. I literally need to schedule time and force myself to abide to the schedule. Life is so busy and crazy, especially with all the side projects I accidentally create for myself, scheduling time is a necessity.
Combining these two characteristics with efforts to improve should help to increase my learning :)

Easiest or most resonant as Life long learner:
View problems as a challenge. I actually work more efficient under stress. I came from the medical field prior to teaching where stress was normal. I could do twice the work because I felt like if I could do the job that was more difficult that my usual I would be proving my skills to myself and others. It is a competitive nature that I have always had, but helps me to excel under pressure.
Teach others. I changed careers to teaching because regardless of occupation I was always teaching. Operating room, Clinic, Laboratory, classroom, home... Always teaching :)

Which qualities will be the most important?
Confidence. If you don't believe, you will not succeed. It's easier to get to the end, and summon the strength to not give up if you have the confidence to know you can do it. Confidence in yourself makes literally the world of difference! You are able to change your stars if you believe in yourself.
Technology. The world has always been compared to a working machine... but now it actually is. technology is in every field of study, every home, and every classroom. It has improved communication and made information extremely accessible. Familiarizing yourself with as much useful technology as possible can make your life easier, more organized and make you more marketable as an employee.
Being a life long learner is important for maintaining healthy brain functioning as well as psychological mental functioning. Without learning your brain would rot, you would fall behind all of society, and be lost floating in your own worthlessness.

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