Monday, February 2, 2009

Thing 2 Learning and Technology

Technology has become a necessity for success for both students and teachers. Not only has information become more accessible, but communication has grown exponentially. Students live in an age of technology: TV, computers, IPhones and MP3 players are their language and what they enjoy. It has come to pass that these are the very resources to reach students and help to create life long learners. Reaching students through the technology will help to engage them and increase their learning potential. In addition, developing their familiarity with technology promotes career opportunities and highly qualified workers.

Technology for the teacher is becoming a mandatory tool for communication both outside and within the school. E-mail has become the main source of discussion both between co-workers and to parents when at one time passes the corded telephone was the veins of communication. A teacher can potentially have an organized well communicated classroom with out ever picking up the phone. Parents can know everything going on in the classroom and what is expected of their child with a mere click of the mouse. Coordinating lessons among teachers and across the curriculum is potentially easier then it has ever been in the past.

Technology needs to be embraced as our friend, used as a tool to make teaching organized, a means for mass and easy communication, and above all a way to keep students Engaged in Learning.


  1. I can see how others might be reluctant to technology. Who would have thought that teachers could make webpages, and students make webpages for each of their classes.

    I wonder if their was a time when teachers were reluctant to use powerpoints?

  2. Email may be the choice for adults but the kids are texting or connecting through their social network like Facebook or MySpace. They already think email is old-fashioned!